Definition of spirograph in English:



  • 1An instrument for recording breathing movements.

  • 2Spirographtrademark A toy which is used to draw intricate curved patterns using interlocking plastic cogs and toothed rings of different sizes.

    • ‘So if you really need to express yourself that bad, go buy yourself an Etch-a-Sketch or Spirograph.’
    • ‘Crisscross patterns are fine, but when the outfield starts to resemble a Spirograph design gone crazy, you start to wonder if the groundskeeper has enough to do.’
    • ‘Demand shifted in the 1960s to Spirograph, Sindy, Barbie, Action Man and Stylophone.’
    • ‘Crisply geometric, these were rendered on an epic scale with that magical tool of childhood, the Spirograph.’
    • ‘The Spirograph was a great toy, at least for around a half-hour.’