Definition of spiritous in English:



  • another term for spirituous
    • ‘The progress of habit in the use of Tobacco is exactly the same as in the use of spiritous liquors.’
    • ‘Kong smirked, remembering that spiritous and sometimes annoying little tyke that would run circles around Akima and herself on their way to school before her mother pulled her back in the house.’
    • ‘That was only as it should be, for they saw in that amber-colored spiritous water an almost mystical being, one who had extraordinary power over the affairs of men.’
    • ‘It is like a spiritous substance which is born and developed by fermentation in a large gathering of men.’
    • ‘Adam and Eve, says Raphael, will naturally ascend to heaven as ever more spiritous beings as time goes on, provided only they remain obedient.’