Definition of spirit gum in English:

spirit gum


mass noun
  • A quick-drying solution of gum, chiefly used by actors to attach false hair to their faces.

    • ‘Facial hair was made from clippings from small braids of real hair and spirit gum and we then used pens and shadows to create the illusion of shadow and shaving-beaten skin.’
    • ‘This is then applied to the pre-shaved pubic area with spirit gum; alternatively the wig can be attached to a transparent G-string.’
    • ‘I'd cut the piece into an oval just large enough to cover the facial features and use spirit gum to seal it around the face.’
    • ‘I was so frightened by this man; the only thing that got me out of it is when we started to do our scene and I got close to him, was the smell of spirit gum which he had used so cleverly.’
    • ‘I woke up with my hair glued to my ears with spirit gum, but still contend it was worth it.’


spirit gum