Definition of spirally in English:



  • See spiral

    • ‘The effect is created by spirally curved, inward-pointing needles that twist covetously around the plant's flexible stems - cascading locks on a seemingly restless tree.’
    • ‘The woolly mammoth has two distinctive spirally curved tusks up to 3.5 metres long.’
    • ‘Within 1 hr, the resulting spirally coiled, gelatinous spermatophore has been transferred to the female.’
    • ‘Pinaceae are Monoecious with small pollen cones and larger seed cones with spirally arranged scales.’
    • ‘The central awn in A. simpliciflora is prominently spiral-twisted and contorted to 180 degrees versus spreading to deflexed and not conspicuously spirally twisted basally in A. virgata.’