Definition of spiracular in English:



  • See spiracle

    • ‘It does seem to be associated with the spiracular groove; but such an ossification is also present in, for example, Cladistia.’
    • ‘In many cases, the transitional bones and the cheek are separated by a deep extension of the old spiracular slit, referred to in tetrapods as the ‘otic notch.’’
    • ‘The spiracular notch is deep and forms a well-defined break between skull table and cheek.’
    • ‘Two of these tissues, which can be readily dissected, are the anterior spiracular glands of third instar larvae and the male ejaculatory bulb.’
    • ‘The lantern nerves, which appear to be modified spiracular nerves, do not synapse directly on the photocytes, but rather in the tracheal system, which in insects delivers air directly to the tissues.’