Definition of spinmeister in English:



  • An accomplished or politically powerful spin doctor.

    • ‘As I headed home, the outcome of the election was still in doubt as spinmeisters traded accusations back and forth, and e-mails claimed grand conspiracies afoot in Florida.’
    • ‘Perhaps there is something about actually being there - and away from the spinmeisters and political operatives in Washington - which promotes clarity of thought and speech.’
    • ‘So the capable spinmeisters play games, entertain and enthrall with heartening prognostications that deficits will be dissolved by the magic elixir of future growth.’
    • ‘Understanding what's actually happening has never been more important - and spinmeisters ' efforts to obscure what's actually happening will be stronger and more technologically savvy than ever.’
    • ‘She's a PR flak, a political spinmeister, a corporate con artist!’
    • ‘This was a big gamble for him - if he had stayed in the Rose Garden, they probably wouldn't have done nearly as well, but his spinmeisters could have used history to deflect a lot of the criticism.’
    • ‘Confronted with a weak local campaign manager, the American spinmeisters were responsible for too many day-to-day decisions, and several misjudgments followed.’
    • ‘His explanation is consistent with what we've seen in history and it's consistent with what we see now - regardless of what the spinmeisters want us to believe.’
    • ‘And while the Wall Street spinmeisters will create the enticing illusion of ‘a jumbo jet landing softly in a sea of marshmallows,’ it isn't going to happen.’
    • ‘Simultaneous with this report were the bleatings of spinmeisters and revisionists, who are hoping to encourage the EU to lift its ban on biotech food.’
    • ‘So just when we thought we had finally buried perhaps the worst libel ever to be flung our way, it has come roaring back to life, resurrected by the spinmeisters of Rome.’
    • ‘The White House spinmeisters have tried to work it into almost every discussion of the president's extended holiday.’
    • ‘But journalists - whether reporters, news analysts or commentators - should serve different purposes than partisan spinmeisters.’
    • ‘As is so often the case in Washington, the official spinmeisters have been circling the carcass, offering all the reasons why nothing ever came of all the promises to change the sleazy status quo.’
    • ‘What we do need is a sense of justice that doesn't succumb to moral purity or compromise with political power (and today, that means spinmeisters more than the tyrants).’
    • ‘But what Humble George and his spinmeisters didn't mention is that these were not crumpled-up ten-dollar bills he was getting.’
    • ‘News stories often shift - or are shifted by skilled spinmeisters - from the original story to a frenzied critique of the coverage.’
    • ‘Despite more bad news on the jobless recovery front - 129,000 fewer new jobs in February than forecast - the White House spinmeisters are acting like everything is coming up roses and daffodils.’
    • ‘The spinmeisters make two claims about the study.’
    • ‘This is the best guarantee of ‘positive’ coverage since the spinmeisters in the Pentagon came up with the idea of embedding reporters with the troops fighting in Iraq.’


1990s: from spin + -meister.