Definition of spinifex country in English:

spinifex country


mass noun
  • Areas in which the coarse and spiny grass spinifex is the dominant vegetation.

    ‘beyond the lake we came into a belt of flat spinifex country’
    • ‘Here in spinifex country, we know what to do, but it isn't being done.’
    • ‘They warned him that there are always lots of evil spirits in spinifex country.’
    • ‘The paintings tell stories from his land, depicting places in spinifex country.’
    • ‘As the bush was gradually domesticated, the frontiers of romance were pushed further out to the mangrove swamps and spinifex country of the Far North.’
    • ‘You can forget about the spinifex country and most of the mulga country.’
    • ‘Blood-red iron ranges, open plains, dry riverbeds, and spinifex country stand as silent witness to some chilling killings.’
    • ‘They had to prove their customary rights to land, to people they had never seen, and who had never set foot in spinifex country.’
    • ‘To be acclimatized to the great spinifex country, we had to be shown it through the eyes of the people who know the country most intimately.’
    • ‘They tried to get this grass to grow in unproductive spinifex country, which covers a big percentage of central Australia, with very little success.’
    • ‘Most of them returned west to their sparse and remote spinifex country.’