Definition of spinetail in English:



  • Any of a number of birds with pointed feather tips projecting beyond the tail.

    a small tropical American ovenbird (Synallaxis and other genera, family Furnariidae).

    (also 'spine-tailed swift') a mainly African and Asian swift (several genera in the family Apodidae).See also needletail

    • ‘There is also a well-known breeding place (which is shared with the spine-tailed swift, Cluzetura caudacuta) behind the Kegon waterfall, near Nikko, Japan.’
    • ‘The jacket says ‘several plates have been revised by the artist’ but I found only one change: a new Plate 10 for African spinetails.’
    • ‘Such a diverse range of scenery supports a very rich and diverse wildlife, from storks to spinetails, parakeets to plantcutters.’
    • ‘The fastest bird is the spine-tailed swift, which can fly at a top speed of 170 kilometers an hour!’
    • ‘Monkey Bay and Salima are the best areas to spot the African Fish Eagle, golden and brown throated weavers, collared and mottled spinetails and the palm swift.’
    • ‘Measured in straight flight, the spine-tailed swift is the fastest bird.’
    • ‘That's quadruple the air time of the usual free fall and almost twice the speed of the world's fastest bird, the spine-tailed swift.’
    • ‘The fastest of all is the spine-tailed swift, which lives Asia and can fly at 170 km/hr.’
    • ‘We came across a pair of agitated crested spinetails and a very active grey-throated leaftosser.’
    • ‘The extent of threat from the spine-tailed swift is uncertain due to lack of information about chemicals used in agriculture in the countries travelled through by the swift whilst migrating.’
    • ‘There are two subfamilies of swifts: 13 species of Cypseloidinae (primitive American swifts) and 79 species of Apodinae (swiftlets, spinetails and typical swifts).’
    • ‘Many furnarids are hard to see, and harder still to photograph, including numerous spinetails, canasteros, reedhaunters, and treerunners.’