Definition of spindle shell in English:

spindle shell


  • A predatory marine mollusc which has a shell that forms a long slender spiral with a narrow canal extending downwards from the aperture.

    "Neptunea antiqua" (family "Buccinidae") of northern seas, and "Fusinus" and other genera (family "Fasciolariidae") of tropical and temperate seas, class "Gastropoda"

    • ‘Commonly known as white spindle shells, the Fusinus Colus are usually found in shallow tropical waters.’
    • ‘They have shells of about 1,500 species and harbor a particular interest in the Fusinus genus: spindle shells.’
    • ‘In an amazing range of objects, from a quill, spindle shell and salmon to a hand and wing, these objects serve as both an affordable piece of art and a highly useable writing instrument.’
    • ‘The shell species in question was the spindle shell Latiris spicer.’
    • ‘This is a Salisbury's Spindle, of the spindle shell family.’