Definition of spinal tap in English:

spinal tap


North American
  • A removal of fluid from the spine in the lower back through a hollow needle, usually done for diagnostic purposes.

    Also called lumbar puncture
    • ‘During a spinal tap, your doctor will remove some fluid from your back.’
    • ‘Cerebrospinal fluid was obtained from the lumbar spinal taps or the intrathecal catheter.’
    • ‘A lumbar puncture is also called a spinal tap.’
    • ‘If a doctor suspects the disease, he or she will do a spinal tap (also known as a lumbar puncture), inserting a needle into the spine to withdraw a sample of cerebrospinal fluid.’
    • ‘Please tell Mrs Park that her blood test for syphilis is positive, and because of our concern for her mental illness, we would like to do a procedure called a spinal tap.’
    • ‘Kupst used the technique with a 4-year-old patient who was terrified at the prospect of spinal taps and other painful procedures being used to treat his leukemia.’
    • ‘The gaps between the arches of adjacent lumbar vertebrae, when the spine is flexed, allow the insertion of a needle for sampling cerebrospinal fluid in a spinal tap or lumbar puncture.’
    • ‘The others were diagnosed with other conditions, none of which would normally provide grounds for a spinal tap.’
    • ‘This time last year I went for computed tomography scans, a spinal tap, and numerous blood counts.’
    • ‘Twelve months ago Rozema was still fending off a near-fatal bout of meningitis - a fight that included emergency spinal taps and a quarantine.’
    • ‘A spinal tap is done if there is concern that syphilis has spread to your brain.’
    • ‘Because the output of research rotations and case write-ups isn't as easily quantified as the output from spinal taps, more emphasis is placed on bureaucratic ‘process’ and administration.’
    • ‘If the titer remained greater than 1: 4, I would discuss the option of a spinal tap with his family.’
    • ‘This test is sometimes also called a spinal tap.’
    • ‘Headaches resulting from a spinal tap - also known as a lumbar puncture - are often accompanied by stiffness in the neck, ringing in the ears, sensitivity to light, nausea, and hearing impairment.’
    • ‘They did spinal taps, thinking it might be meningitis.’
    • ‘A spinal tap after treatment showed that her immune system was effectively fighting off the virus.’
    • ‘Routine spinal tap should be performed to rule out other conditions.’
    • ‘Now it's true that a sanatorium or asylum can be a very creepy place, what with their exploratory cranial surgeries, spinal taps, bed pans, and hefty co-payments.’
    • ‘Tests were performed, including two spinal taps.’


spinal tap