Definition of spinal canal in English:

spinal canal


  • A cavity which runs successively through each of the vertebrae and encloses the spinal cord.

    • ‘As the lumbar spinal canal shrinks, the nerves that go through it are squeezed.’
    • ‘Cement intrusion into the spinal canal may require emergent decompression for removal and protection of the neural elements.’
    • ‘This is often due to pressure on the spinal cord from a small spinal canal.’
    • ‘Doctors surgically tuck exposed nerves and spinal cord back inside the spinal canal and cover them with muscle and skin.’
    • ‘Medical experts divide Chiari malformation into several types, in part to reflect the degree of displacement of the brain tissue into the spinal canal.’
    • ‘He subsequently developed plasmacytomas of his thoracic spinal canal, right orbit, and frontal sinuses.’
    • ‘The cervical portion of the spinal canal is susceptible to damage by these agents.’
    • ‘A few other causes of low back pain are arthritis in the bones of your spine and narrowing of your spinal canal.’
    • ‘But tumors, injuries and other diseases can also lead to narrowing in the spinal canal.’
    • ‘You will then be tilted on a special table allowing the fluid to pass up and down the spinal canal.’
    • ‘CT and MRI show the extent of the mass, with MRI demonstrating if there is any extension into the spinal canal.’
    • ‘Magnetic resonance imaging is especially useful in determining if there is spread of tumor into the spinal canal.’
    • ‘The diagnosis is confirmed by magnetic resonance imaging that shows narrowing of the spinal canal caused by osteophytes, herniated discs and ligamentum flavum hypertrophy.’
    • ‘They are fused to the vertebrae to take pressure off the spinal canal.’
    • ‘There is also the remote, though not unprecedented, possibility that the anesthesiologist could insert the needle into a blood vessel or the spinal canal instead of the epidural space.’
    • ‘Abnormal right paraspinal soft tissue mass is also seen with suspicious involvement of the spinal canal.’
    • ‘Then a doctor inserts a needle into the spinal canal and collects the fluid.’
    • ‘Older people, because of arthritis, can have very deformed spinal canals without obstruction.’
    • ‘Some are taken by mouth and some may be injected into the spinal canal since cancer cells can't be attacked there by the I.V. medicines.’
    • ‘Next, a needle is inserted into the spinal canal.’