Definition of spinach beet in English:

spinach beet


  • Beet of a variety which is cultivated for its leaves, which resemble spinach in taste and appearance.

    Beta vulgaris subsp. (or variety ) cicla, family Chenopodiaceae

    • ‘Towards the end of the month a first cut of spinach beet is made from under the cloches.’
    • ‘The broad beans and peas are getting away nicely and several rows of beetroot, spinach beet and fennel have begun to germinate.’
    • ‘The spinach beet should be planted together with the other plants in the willow basket at the end of spring.’
    • ‘Both Swiss chard and spinach beet are virtually trouble-free, but slugs may attack young plants in spring.’
    • ‘Steam or boil a few large handfuls of spinach beet for 3 mins.’