Definition of spin something out in English:

spin something out

phrasal verb

  • 1Make something last as long as possible.

    ‘they tried to spin out the debate through their speeches and interventions’
    • ‘‘I'm sure the fact I was providing security for her was part of it, but it wasn't just about the money, otherwise she could have spun things out longer,’ Thomson said.’
    • ‘They were simply spinning things out, partly to prolong his agony.’
    • ‘I would have thought it could sensibly be done in half an hour, but the courts who decide these confusing name cases seem to be able to spin them out for months.’
    • ‘I'm pretty sure they'll manage to spin the series out, E Randy.’
    • ‘It is not to spin the crisis out as long as possible in the hope that it becomes a damaging election issue.’
    • ‘The political calculation may be to spin things out as long as possible in order to obtain the release of hostages in batches or to negotiate.’
    • ‘If the police ask us to move we move, but we will argue, spin things out a bit until someone talks to us.’
    • ‘He certainly showed more class than his odious litigation-loving vice-presidential sidekick who seemed determined to spin the matter out forever.’
    • ‘Myers and the other screenwriters took the slim material and spun it out to feature length without falling into the pitfalls that snared other SNL-based productions.’
    • ‘Franchised dealers normally use manuals giving a set labour time for each job, so they can't spin a job out to rack up their fees.’
    • ‘I wonder if I can spin that horse thing out to 300 words?’
    • ‘Dibnah became famous in 1978 after a projected 20-minute film about the life of a steeplejack was spun out for 19 weeks.’
    prolong, protract, draw out, stretch out, drag out, string out, extend, extend the duration of, carry on, keep going, keep alive, continue
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    1. 1.1 Spend or occupy time aimlessly.
      ‘Shane and Mary played games to spin out the afternoon’
      • ‘I sometimes feel I screwed up my entire life, and the past 8 or 10 years have just been spinning it out further and further so that now it's unsalvageable.’
  • 2spin someone outCricket
    Dismiss a batsman or side by spin bowling.

    ‘by the time he retired, he had spun out 445 batsmen’
    • ‘‘I had to run up there and run into his door and let him know that I don't appreciate him spinning me out,’ says Edwards, who finished 24th.’
    • ‘‘What are you laughing at,’ whispered Todd as he spun me out.’
    • ‘Gloucestershire completed a 130-run win over Bangladesh A after Malinga Bandara and Ian Fisher spun them out on the final afternoon.’
    • ‘If you give these guys an excuse to spin you out, they'll do it.’