Definition of spin dryer in English:

spin dryer


  • A machine for extracting water from wet clothes by spinning them in a revolving perforated drum.

    • ‘Watch out for the Waimea Bay shorebreak, a vicious, vertical whirlpool in which the occasional tourist - or suicidal body-boarder - is flung towards annihilation like a lost sock in a spin dryer.’
    • ‘The crystals are separated from the syrup in machines known as centrifugals which work like giant spin dryers and separate the crystals from the syrup.’
    • ‘A few sentences into his answer and he was looking rather puzzled despite himself, as I was now vibrating like a blancmange on a spin dryer.’
    • ‘They were primitive small cylinders, not hooked up to water pipes or drains, with no spin dryers or wringers.’
    • ‘I loved to watch the water spilling from the pipe in the spin dryer back into the main wash.’
    • ‘The wind buffets upwards; the effect is like being in a spin dryer and people coming out onto the platform say it reminds them of Kate Winslett on the bow of the Titanic.’
    • ‘That job is left to the wardrobe department, aided by a couple of washing machines, a spin dryer and two tumble dryers, one of which is tall and cupboard like and on my visit contained a giant bright green furry ball.’
    • ‘Other types of centrifuges were created in which spin dryers were used for filtering solids: a perforated drum was spun, driving any separated liquids to the outside where they were collected.’
    • ‘My fellow recruits even put a dog into a spin dryer.’
    • ‘A washing machine may be bad not only because it has too little - as when there is no driving belt on the spin drier, but also because it has too much, as when someone has filled the interior with glue.’


spin dryer

/ˌspɪn ˈdrʌɪə/