Definition of spill the beans in English:

spill the beans


  • Reveal secret information unintentionally or indiscreetly.

    • ‘The girls scampered outside to play, so Laurie couldn't pump them for information - little children will usually spill the beans without meaning to.’
    • ‘It's not only the British insiders who're spilling the beans.’
    • ‘I've spilled the beans and probably deserve to be cast into the outer darkness for offending the code concerning ‘journalistic ethics’.’
    • ‘Webb spilled the beans to Taylor and Ferguson never forgave him.’
    • ‘So why are so many politicians so prickly when one of their number spills the beans on another?’
    • ‘I went to the agency and spilled the beans - I was very confused about everything.’
    • ‘Eleven Italian masters were tracked down in Belgium after a doctor from Milan spilt the beans on a Belgian art dealer.’
    • ‘I am surprised that the affair happened, but I can't in all honesty be astonished that she has finally spilled the beans.’
    • ‘In addition to telling us the good, the not-so-good and the surprising news about your relationship with food, you also spilled the beans on your deepest, darkest dieting secrets.’
    • ‘I am certainly disappointed that since her death so many people that she trusted have broken that trust and for financial gain have spilt the beans.’
    reveal everything, tell all, give the game away, talk
    let the cat out of the bag, blab, spill one's guts, come clean
    blow the gaff
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