Definition of spikemoss in English:



  • A chiefly tropical creeping clubmoss which has branching stems with hairlike spines on the leaf margins, small spore-bearing cones, and typically a mat-like growth.

    Genus Selaginella and family Selaginellaceae, class Lycopsida

    • ‘Modern descendants are tiny dwarfs by comparison - including varieties of the herbaceous ground or club mosses, quillworts, and spikemosses’
    • ‘The best growing environment for this spikemoss is in dappled to full shade with ample moisture.’
    • ‘Like other spikemosses, its leaves are very tiny and overlap.’
    • ‘In foliage, twiggy spikemoss resembles a clump of moss that was plugged into a high voltage electrical outlet.’
    • ‘The spikemosses are creeping or ascendant plants with simple, scale-like leaves on branching stems from which roots also arise.’