Definition of spiderweb in English:


(also spider's web)

nounPlural spiderwebs

  • 1A web made by a spider.

    • ‘The costume was enough to send a person with arachnophobia into fits with its spiderweb and small spiders.’
    • ‘For example, he has chapters on spiderwebs, sea shells and segmentation.’
    • ‘Sagging spiderwebs, laden with dew, hung from the tiny branches of the hedgerow among the northern forest, in the midst of which the men waited.’
    • ‘But the newly described fossil spiderweb dates roughly 90 million years older than the previous oldest known specimen.’
    • ‘In North America, if you see a classic spiderweb with a dense, zigzag thread through its center, the web could well have been spun by Argiope aurantia.’
    • ‘Neither of these reasons explain why there is symmetry in a spiderweb.’
    • ‘Ancient dust and grimy spiderwebs festooned her coverall.’
    • ‘That was worse than the main floor; more spiderwebs to sweep and more empty bird nests.’
    • ‘A haze of spiderwebs hung from the ceiling above him, and the smack of wet decay met his nose.’
    • ‘The hedge out in front of the house is covered with enough small spiderwebs that it looks as though there's ice across the top.’
    • ‘There was not a single corner without a spiderweb waiting to be swept away by Steph's washcloth.’
    • ‘There can be brambles and poison ivy, the occasional spiderweb and weather elements to consider.’
    • ‘‘I hate bugs,’ the librarian moaned, backing away from a spiderweb.’
    • ‘The fossil is the oldest direct evidence of spiderwebs.’
    • ‘The entire ceiling was like blackened ash, though through some miracle the spiderweb had survived.’
    1. 1.1 A thing resembling a spider's web.
      ‘the spiderweb of overhead transmission lines’
      • ‘Four days had passed, while the final party of determined villagers traced a course like a spiderweb all over the southern half of the district, even marching through his own clearing one rainy afternoon.’
      • ‘Aligore had become well-acquainted with that whip over the last several hours; the spiderweb of streaked gashes along his back was a testament to this fact.’
      • ‘They had to follow their yarn through the family room, which looked like a giant spiderweb of yarn, until they located the prize tied to the other end of their spool.’
      • ‘Between Jacie, the oldest, and Kelley, the youngest, there's a huge spiderweb of strong bonds.’
      • ‘I'd met him innocently on the beach and there was no spiderweb of lies or hurt around him when it came to me.’
      • ‘It formed a twisting spiderweb of lines and patterns, a swirling sprawl of lightning that stretched out into infinity.’
      • ‘The listener will be treated to un-pedaled acoustic pieces as well as backward loops and dubs as fragile as a tapestry of overlaid spiderwebs.’
      • ‘A lattice of thin white strands flashed dimly on the oak, forming a binding, blinking silvery spiderweb.’
      • ‘The 90 recruits are being tested for leadership, passing each other through a kind of rope spiderweb.’
      • ‘His face was crisscrossed with a spiderweb of white scars, but his gray-tinged eyes were thoughtful and kind.’
      • ‘The helmet crested in a spiked ridge, and beneath it lay a crisscrossing spiderweb of thin bones.’
      • ‘With 2,000 stocking locations worldwide processing 8,000 phone and network parts, Avaya's service department managed a huge logistics spiderweb.’
      • ‘A spiderweb of long vines covered the mouth of the cave, drooping down into the water, but Jonah passed between the vines easily and darkness fell around him.’
      • ‘Huge, jagged slashes intersected across the robe, forming a spiderweb of cuts.’
    2. 1.2 A type of turquoise (semi-precious stone) criss-crossed with fine dark lines.

verbspiderwebbing, spiderwebbed, spiderwebs

[with object]
  • Cover with a pattern resembling a spiderweb.

    ‘a glass block spiderwebbed with cracks’
    • ‘It was white plaster, flaked, peeling, spiderwebbed with cracks.’
    • ‘He worked the new norm - two weeks on, two weeks off - maintaining the more than 400 miles of gravel roads that spiderweb the North Slope.’
    • ‘Jackie looked up at him, her crystal eyes spiderwebbed with red.’
    • ‘He considered the texture of the ground at his feet, the gray asphalt of the highway, spiderwebbed with cracks, and the ragged line of white paint, frozen in a futile battle with the encroaching dust.’
    • ‘The glass of the doors was spiderwebbed and ready to shatter.’