Definition of spider orchid in English:

spider orchid


  • An orchid with a flower that is said to resemble a spider.

    Several genera in the family "Orchidaceae", in particular "Ophrys" of Europe, related to the bee orchid, "Caladenia" of Australia, with long, narrow petals and sepals, and the epiphytic tree spider orchids ("Dendrobium") of Australia

    • ‘This is it caladenia integra, the smooth-lipped spider orchid.’
    • ‘The common name of this genus of orchids - spider orchids - reflects the ungainly appearance of the flowers.’
    • ‘Rare species of spider orchids are suddenly appearing in unexpected places in the cypress forests outside Narrandera.’
    • ‘The greenish yellow flowers are unique to this coastal spider orchid.’
    • ‘Join in a walk around the Hoe discovering the early spider orchids.’