Definition of spider-hunting wasp in English:

spider-hunting wasp


  • A fast-moving digger wasp that provisions its nest burrow with spiders that it has caught and paralysed.

    Family Pompilidae: many genera

    • ‘Every year we get quite large numbers of these black spider-hunting wasps in Emthree.’
    • ‘Spider wasps, also called pompilid wasps or spider-hunting wasps, are insects belonging to a diverse family named Pompilidae, of the order Hymenoptera.’
    • ‘Its worst enemy is the spider-hunting wasp which forces its way into the spider's burrow, paralyses it with its sting and lays an egg.’
    • ‘The female spider-hunting wasps locate their prey and sting them with venom that causes paralysis but does not kill.’
    • ‘Despite their well-defended homes, trapdoor spiders are vulnerable to spider-hunting wasps.’