Definition of spide in English:



Northern Irish
derogatory, informal
  • A young lower-class man typified by brash and loutish behaviour.

    ‘he may look like a spide but he's a classy act’
    • ‘The music was a simple, heavy bassline and drum affair that sounds like it could have been knocked up by any shell-suited spide with access to a laptop.’
    • ‘They thought we were snobs; we thought they were 'spides'.’
    • ‘It's great because spides don't like it up there.’
    • ‘The humour mocks working class and poor people; those who can, for some, be dismissed as spides and chavs.’
    • ‘Raves are full of what are known as ‘spides’.’


1990s: possibly from an association with spiderman (sense 1).