Definition of spicebush in English:



  • A North American shrub with aromatic leaves, bark, and fruit. The leaves were formerly used for a tea and the fruit as an allspice substitute.

    Lindera benzoin, family Lauraceae

    • ‘Common midstory and understory species included red maple, American beech, greenbrier, and spicebush.’
    • ‘These included such hardy species as red chokeberry, buttonbush, spicebush and red twig dogwood.’
    • ‘Beneath those plants are spicebush and the occasional possum haw, a deciduous holly.’
    • ‘Smaller trees and shrubs include red maple, Carolina allspice, and the fragrant spicebush.’
    • ‘Some species have been small and obscure, like the 28-foot-tall champion spicebush Michael Davie showed me in the foothills of the Smoky Mountains.’