Definition of sphinxlike in English:



  • Difficult to interpret or understand; inscrutable.

    ‘Hughes will forever remain a sphinxlike enigma’
    ‘a sphinxlike smile’
    • ‘Both novellas have as their focus a sphinx-like ' femme fatale ' who destroys a lover or a husband attached to her like a slave.’
    • ‘Don was highly intelligent but brooding and sphinx-like, the sort of person who gives you the impression he feels you're clueless and ought to have caught on by now.’
    • ‘"No," she said, flashing me a sphinx-like smile.’
    • ‘Today, Madame X presents a sphinx-like figure - beautiful, imperious, and impenetrable.’
    • ‘Their inscrutable, sphinx-like logic can prove hypnotizing, and even the brave of heart and nimble of mind may find him or herself captivated.’
    • ‘Eliot's willingness to put aside his Sphinx-like mask may have led him to say too much, but it seems churlish to hold that against him.’
    • ‘His alcoholism took a toll on his enigmatic, sphinx-like charm.’
    • ‘Ask Fossett to explain his motivation and he is characteristically sphinxlike.’
    • ‘Grant stares at her, sphinx-like.’
    • ‘Capturing this quality - inscrutable and Sphinx-like - lies at the heart of Judi Dench's performance as the late British novelist Iris Murdoch.’
    • ‘The other two, Zinner and the drummer Brian Chase - a bespectacled, sphinx-like jazzhead - don't say much.’
    • ‘He mystified observers by maintaining a sphinxlike silence - he is still studying the report, said a staffer.’
    • ‘That's always been an interesting, sort of sphinx-like territory for me to wander around in.’
    • ‘Holding back a sigh, Mrs. Richards resisted the temptation to use this, their very last interview, to probe for information about the sphinx-like woman's past.’
    • ‘Seldom has the capital been so spoiling for a fight, and seldom has the only person with the power to ring the opening bell been so Sphinx-like.’
    enigmatic, inscrutable, secretive, sphinx-like, cloak-and-dagger, reticent, non-committal, discreet, evasive, furtive, surreptitious, covert
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