Definition of spherule in English:



  • A small sphere.

    • ‘The species are dimorphic, living as hyphal saprobes in the desert soil or as unicellular pathogens that convert into multicellular sporulating spherules in the mammalian host.’
    • ‘The smear revealed numerous spherules admixed with acute inflammatory cells.’
    • ‘Collagenous hyaline deposition was variable, and collagenous spherules could be seen.’
    • ‘The impact record would be preserved in spherules - microscopic glass beads formed when droplets of molten basalt splashed out of a crater.’
    • ‘At a conference, Grossman heard a presenter claim that the spherules could not have formed from the plume of vaporized rock.’
    • ‘Within the dermis were multiple aggregates of faintly basophilic spherules.’
    • ‘Biopsy of the lobulated mass revealed chronic inflammation and many spherules consistent with coccidioides immitis.’
    • ‘Some of the volcanic lava erupted as fiery fountains, forming heaps of glass spherules.’
    ball, pellet, pill, globule, spheroid, sphere, oval, ovoid, orb, round, pearl
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Mid 17th century: from late Latin sphaerula, diminutive of Latin sphaera (see sphere).