Definition of spheroid in English:



  • 1A sphere-like but not perfectly spherical body.

    • ‘From a previous study it is known that the response of human glioma spheroids to PDT is somewhat dependent on the drug concentration used.’
    • ‘There are two schools of thought on soup dumplings, which are basically thin-walled spheroids filled with pork and jellied broth that transform themselves into boiling-hot mouthfuls of juice.’
    • ‘This experimental system was chosen because the visible light-induced changes in oxygen concentration sensitized by various exogenous photodynamic agents in spheroids have been characterized previously.’
    • ‘For instance, within spheroids, steep gradients exist for cellular oxygen levels, nutrients, pH and glucose concentrations, and this particular situation might affect the PDT outcome.’
    • ‘The central finding of this study is that the response of human glioma spheroids depends not only on the total fluence, but also on the rate at which the fluence is delivered.’
    • ‘The fluorescence from the in vivo bleaching experiments thus reports a phenomenon that is not reported by measurements of the photochemical oxygen consumption in the spheroids.’
    • ‘Each data point represents the mean diameter of spheroids surviving a particular treatment.’
    • ‘It can be concluded that iodinated derivatives of hypericin do not show an increased cytotoxic effect upon irradiation in either monolayers or spheroids.’
    • ‘But I do know most human games require a spheroid and a goal of some sort.’
    • ‘It should be noted that the estimate was made without taking into account possible oxygen depletion during the irradiation of groups of spheroids in the original cell survival experiments.’
    • ‘Elliptical galaxies are three-dimensional objects that range from spheres to elongated spheroids like footballs.’
    • ‘It was figured that by lowering the fluence rate the number of cells affected by PDT would increase, especially in the case of spheroids.’
    • ‘In Nina's small attached greenhouse, bags of prairie seed await sowing: the small spheroids of prairie dropseed.’
    • ‘Because three-dimensional multicellular spheroids have many characteristics in common with tumors in vivo, they are ideally suited to basic therapeutic studies in which the effects of numerous parameters are investigated.’
    • ‘Methods of measuring rapid, laser-induced photochemical oxygen consumption in spheroids have been described in detail elsewhere.’
    • ‘In all cases, spheroids were irradiated with 635 nm light from an argon ion-pumped dye.’
    • ‘We are currently in the process of extending the work reported here to related studies using multicell tumor spheroids.’
    • ‘A remarkable feature of oligoamine-condensed DNA is the ability to assume condition-defined morphologies such as spheroids, toroids, and rods.’
    • ‘Furthermore, the extent of photosensitizer distribution and penetration into the spheroids was examined.’
    • ‘A chemical engineer phoned to tell me that he had spotted a spheroid or fat football with rounded ends flying over on the evening of August 28, 2002.’
    round, globular, ball-shaped, globe-shaped, orb-shaped, orb-like, bulbous, bulb-shaped, balloon-like
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    1. 1.1 A solid generated by a half-revolution of an ellipse about its major axis (prolate spheroid) or minor axis (oblate spheroid).
      • ‘It has to do with giving, and with letting go, with how the earth rotates on its axis to make an oblate spheroid.’
      • ‘An oblate spheroid of these dimensions would occupy a volume of 4.7 m.’
      • ‘It built on foundations due to Newton and Huygens who had put forward the theory that the Earth was an oblate spheroid.’
      • ‘The volume of each egg was approximated using the formula for the volume of a prolate spheroid.’
      • ‘He assumed that the Earth behaved as a fluid and showed, as Newton had done, that the resulting shape would be an oblate spheroid.’
      • ‘In it he stated, without proof, that the Earth is an oblate spheroid, supporting Newton against the rival Cassinian view.’
      • ‘However, we are aware of no studies that have considered the motion of an ellipsoid or oblate spheroid near a plane wall under linear shear flow.’
      • ‘Unless you subscribe to the ‘grand conspiracy theory’, then it's safe to assume that the earth is an oblate spheroid hurtling around the sun.’
      • ‘Cells are prolate spheroids with an aspect ratio close to 1.5.’
      • ‘The change in colour from cream-coloured to amber, and the change in shape from a prolate spheroid to an indented, prismatic solid, is typical for corn pollen during drying.’
      • ‘Length, diameter, and surface area were calculated assuming that the fruits were prolate spheroids.’
      • ‘In some places, unidirectional compressions take the shape of a prolate spheroid.’
      • ‘Unlike most other candies, these are ‘oblate spheroids,’ thin, wide, and solid.’
      • ‘Members of the French Academy of Sciences led the world in measuring the Earth's shape, proudly determining it to be an oblate spheroid.’
      • ‘Prey size was measured as volume, calculating the item as a prolate spheroid.’
      • ‘To a good approximation, the geoid is an oblate spheroid whose major axis is about 0.3 per cent longer than the minor one.’