Definition of spherical aberration in English:

spherical aberration


  • A loss of definition in the image arising from the surface geometry of a spherical mirror or lens.

    • ‘The spherical lens of the octopus eye features a graded index that compensates for spherical aberration, yielding a wide field of view with optimum focal characteristics.’
    • ‘Booth and coworkers have recently discussed strategies of correcting for specimen-induced spherical aberration in confocal microscopy of skin.’
    • ‘Eliminating spherical aberration for a single element requires an aspheric surface, which is easy to design but not to manufacture using conventional manufacturing methods.’
    • ‘Typical aberrations that can impact imaging performance include astigmatism, chromatic aberration, and spherical aberration.’
    • ‘The main effect of the optics portion of a wavefront-coded imaging system is to make the resulting images insensitive to focus-related aberrations such as defocus, spherical aberration, astigmatism, or field curvature.’
    • ‘Also, depending on their design, microscope objectives have varying degrees of spherical aberration.’
    • ‘If we use an asphere to eliminate the spherical aberration in an otherwise all-spherical design, we can, in principle, use the other optical surface to more effectively minimize the other aberrations.’
    • ‘We can see that the image degradation resulting from the simpler, low-order aberrations such as defocus, third-order coma, or spherical aberration is quite similar.’
    • ‘The undercorrected spherical aberration of the mirror is offset by the overcorrected spherical aberration of the negative lens.’
    • ‘This resulted in spherical aberration: the blurring of starlight because the telescope could not bring all the light to a single focus.’
    • ‘This spherical aberration means that an observer looking at a background star through a gravitational lens sees two magnified and distorted images on opposite sides of the lensing star.’
    • ‘During testing I noted no spherical aberration, no astigmatism, no curvature of field, no barrel or pincushion, and no rolling distortion.’
    • ‘He explained the laws of formation of images in spherical and parabolic mirrors, and the causes of spherical aberration and a magnification produced by lenses.’
    • ‘Correction of the difference in substrate thickness and wavelength, which causes spherical aberration, was corrected by changing the magnification of the objective lens.’
    • ‘He contributed to the theory of refraction, and as a result of his theory of the wave form of light he was able to calculate the refraction within the lenses and make refractors with lesser chromatic and spherical aberration.’
    • ‘However the image did degrade towards the edges and I noted some spherical aberration present.’
    • ‘The refractive index of the lens material varies from the core to the surface, naturally correcting for spherical aberration.’
    • ‘At the very edges there is a slight amount of spherical aberration.’