Definition of sphere of influence (or interest) in English:

sphere of influence (or interest)


  • 1A country or area in which another country has power to affect developments though it has no formal authority.

    ‘there was increasing friction between Russia and Germany concerning their respective spheres of influence in eastern Europe’
    • ‘Some may develop strategies to deny foes the ability to project power into their spheres of influence.’
    • ‘However, he cautions the reader to keep in mind the wars fought by the United Kingdom to expand its sphere of influence.’
    • ‘It divided eastern and central Europe into a German and a Soviet sphere of influence within which each power was free to undertake military invasions without retribution from the other power.’
    • ‘It was characterised by the arms race between the two superpowers who were eager to preserve their spheres of influence.’
    • ‘Several major competing capitalist powers existed and the world had been divided into spheres of interest, so any future battles had to be for the redivision of territory and power.’
    • ‘France was the most active of the European colonial powers in attempting to maintain a sphere of influence amongst its former territories.’
    • ‘Or can his actions be explained as essentially defensive and reactive in response to growing American meddling in areas of traditional Russian spheres of influence?’
    • ‘The Cold War was a result of this division of power and of the important policy of spheres of influence.’
    • ‘This province was a German sphere of influence and Germany dominated the rail lines, factories and coal mines that existed in Shantung.’
    • ‘Once a powerful kingdom whose sphere of influence stretched from the Levante in the west as far as Naples and Sicily in the east, Aragon is now one of Spain's 17 autonomous regions.’
    area, field, compass, orbit
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    1. 1.1 A field or area in which an individual or organization has power to affect events and developments.
      ‘we need a system in which agencies have clearer boundaries to their sphere of influence’
      • ‘These value chains are moreover often populated with middlemen who prosper by taking a ‘cut’ out of every transaction they organize within their sphere of influence.’
      • ‘As nurses continue to broaden their spheres of influence in areas, such as hospital corporate staff, hospital and community boards, and college administration, there is a need to enhance professional etiquette skills.’
      • ‘Additionally, there are many people working within the City of Edmonton who recognize the need for sustainable urban form and are exercising their sphere of influence to bring this into being.’
      • ‘You need to transfer that knowledge to new arenas and spread your sphere of influence.’
      • ‘Second, preserving multiple spheres of influence and expertise stimulates research on and healthy competition over statistical methodologies and approaches.’
      • ‘After all, in circumstances such as this he could only allow two possibilities for this organization: either it come under his sphere of influence, or it must be destroyed.’
      • ‘The survey, carried out by Opinion Leader Research, used a panel drawn from different spheres of influence to gauge their wishes and concerns for 2002.’
      • ‘Adam's two closest friends, Jenny and Phil, notice these changes and eventually become skeptical of Evelyn's sphere of influence.’
      • ‘The contingency view of strategic change assumes that the organization is composed of various spheres of interest which need to be in balance for the organization to survive.’
      • ‘As the hubs of international networks, major companies form spheres of influence and power over numbers of affiliated and collaborating business units.’
      domain, province, realm, sphere, field of influence, sphere of influence, dominion, area of power, department, territory, field, arena, zone, orbit
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