Definition of spesh in English:



  • Special.

    ‘her performance was nothing spesh’
    ‘anyone spesh in your life at the moment?’
    ‘it was a present from a spesh friend’
    • ‘But - are they all just going along to check out the newest ticket in town, or is it something a little bit spesh?’
    • ‘One pair are a rather spesh red patent pair of sexy stilettos, another are white.’
    • ‘This year I've gone all classic with rich purple - deep saturated colour - very spesh.’
    • ‘There are some lovely surprises in store and the last half hour or so of the film is particularly spesh.’
    • ‘But there's something about stepping out of Christmas chaos and into a bath on Christmas day that makes the whole ritual different and spesh.’
    • ‘The french fries were nothing spesh.’
    • ‘Surrounded by bundles of buddies, but feel like something spesh is missing?’
    • ‘Crostini with arugula, prosciutto, and grape tomatoes tossed with vinaigrette and topped with smoked mozzarella doesn't sound like anything spesh.’
    • ‘If you wanna super, spesh dessert get Panino al Gelato Limone: lemon cream gelato sandwich with lemon curd, whipped cream, and lemon chips.’
    exceptional, particular, extra special, unusual, marked, singular, uncommon, notable, noteworthy, remarkable, outstanding, unique
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  • Especially.

    ‘this is my fave place, spesh when the sun shines’
    • ‘Aged only 9, his bass is about 4 times the size of him, so it's pretty adorable, spesh when the subject matter consists mainly about the tough life of being a kid.’
    • ‘Justin Timberlake Day sure is exciting, spesh coz of the recent news that later in the year we will be offered Part 2 of 20/20.’
    • ‘A tin of spag bol with garlic salt and black pepper reduced in a frying pan for 10 mins is delish, spesh with a chunk of crusty bread.’
    • ‘Is it just me or does Ferne look like she has a teeny baby bump showing, spesh following the last news update when she kept touching her belly?’
    • ‘I watch this video at least once in a month - this particular skatepark mixed with this song makes it one of my favourites, plus all the riders, spesh Craig!’
    • ‘Ahhh who cares, spesh when we read about how much the poor rip the state off for anyway?’
    • ‘It's too ridiculous that she didn't make it, spesh when the judges put through Jean who can't sing in tune!’
    mainly, mostly, chiefly, principally, for the most part, in the main, on the whole, largely, by and large, to a large extent, to a great degree, predominantly, above all, first and foremost, basically, substantially, overall, in general, particularly, in particular, primarily, generally, usually, typically, commonly, as a rule
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