Definition of spermatophore in English:



  • A protein capsule containing a mass of spermatozoa, transferred during mating in various insects, arthropods, cephalopod molluscs, etc.

    • ‘Shortly after she stops feeding on the gland, the female reaches back, removes the spermatophore, and eats it, thus preventing the transfer of any remaining sperm.’
    • ‘A male produces spermatophores that it transfers to the female's genital pore by means of a specialized arm or tentacle.’
    • ‘However, collaborative females had difficulties mounting males, taking spermatophores and/or ovipositing.’
    • ‘First, several studies have demonstrated that larger males deliver larger spermatophores that reduce post-mating receptivity and female propensity to remate.’
    • ‘Dissections confirmed that these females had received a spermatophore at mating and had developed normal ovaries.’