Definition of spent in English:



  • past and past participle of spend


  • 1Having been used and unable to be used again.

    ‘a spent matchstick’
    • ‘He added it would increase pressure on the British Government to shut down the reprocessing of spent nuclear fuel rods at Sellafield.’
    • ‘Turn the Polaroid over and that space keeps the spent pod, emptied of its seminal jelly when ejected from the camera.’
    • ‘Flowers and notes were left outside his home yesterday, where investigators found several spent bullet cartridges.’
    • ‘A third repeat following this resulted in the disappearance of the spent energy beam.’
    • ‘A spent shell fired from a revolver was recovered at the scene.’
    • ‘Sir, we hear reports that North Korea is supposedly claiming to have reprocessed all of its spent nuclear fuel rods.’
    • ‘We think the preponderance of evidence does show that in fact Yucca Mountain is a suitable site for spent fuel disposal.’
    used up, consumed, exhausted, finished, depleted, drained, emptied
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    1. 1.1 Having no power or energy left.
      ‘the movement has become a spent force’
      • ‘Today, religion is a private matter, politicians are not expected to be saints and the church is a spent political force.’
      • ‘Today he is almost certainly another spent force where the biggest occasions are concerned.’
      • ‘I'm not saying Kilkenny are a spent force by any means but they are beatable as Waterford and Galway both proved in the last couple of weeks.’
      • ‘We keep chopping and changing board presidents, who to my mind are all spent forces.’
      • ‘We're pretty desperate here in Britain, where our old-fashioned notion of dating is a spent force.’
      • ‘It was an impressive display of power for a conservative subgroup that had been thought of as a spent force.’
      • ‘By 1981, when he won the presidency, it was a thing of the past, and the Party a spent force.’
      • ‘They are a spent force, only coming out of hibernation to latch on to the topical issue of the day.’
      • ‘In the meantime, Galway are back through the back door and are not a spent force.’
      • ‘Tyrone then seemed a spent force but boy did they recover.’
      • ‘Armagh struck me as a tired team and may be a spent force.’
      • ‘Finally, half an hour later, spent of all her energy, she climbed out of her tub.’
      • ‘No wonder One Nation's vote in the last federal election declined substantially - it's a spent force.’
      • ‘These words at least pay lip service to the realisation that neo-liberal economics are a spent force.’
      • ‘Yet the IRA's transformation into a local policing outfit shows that, as a guerrilla army that threatens war, it is a spent force.’
      • ‘By then O'Sullivan was a spent force having fallen out of contention at 16 miles.’
      • ‘In the later 1920s, and especially in the 30s, modernism seemed a spent force.’
      • ‘I think as the two senators said earlier, that he is largely a spent force.’
      • ‘In Twickenham, those who felt that England were a spent force on the international stage got their answer.’
      • ‘It has been a topsy-turvy league and Cavan are no spent force.’
      exhausted, tired, tired out, weary, wearied, worn out, dog-tired, bone-tired, bone-weary, on one's last legs, drained, fatigued, ready to drop, enervated, debilitated, limp
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