Definition of Spenserian stanza in English:

Spenserian stanza


  • The stanza used by Spenser in The Faerie Queene, consisting of eight iambic pentameters and an alexandrine, with the rhyming scheme ababbcbcc.

    • ‘Byron's use of comic rhyme in ‘Don Juan’, for instance, tells us that we are not to take the action too seriously; whereas the weight of the Spenserian stanza in ‘The Fairie Queen’ tells us the reverse.’
    • ‘This works really well as a basic writing exercise, since Spenserian stanzas are super-easy.’
    • ‘Freshman year, I'd sit in the back of Astronomy class sketching out Spenserian stanzas giving my impressions of whatever was going on in my life; I almost failed Astro, but it was worth it.’


Spenserian stanza