Definition of spendy in English:



  • 1Costing a great deal; expensive.

    • ‘Supplemented by the money I earned at the salon, of course, because school is a very spendy place, and I was not rich.’
    • ‘We ate at a spendy restaurant, then drove around by the beach.’
    • ‘Although there is nothing any of us can do about snow - goofy dances and spendy snow guns aside - there is quite a bit that can he done about fostering new and improved programs.’
    • ‘I was eyeing this trunk as I drove by it on my way to the dump this weekend but thought it might be spendy.’
    • ‘Despite spendy cover charges and velvet-roped entrances, he theorizes, the upscale, Miami-style bars that have opened in the district recently have exacerbated matters.’
    • ‘Why go out to an expensive restaurant now when we'll probably eat out at pizza places more often then the spendy ones?’
    • ‘In the cheap bar of the spendy restaurant, I was told that the Army Corps of Engineers had built a breakwater so ineffectual that any boat taking overnight shelter behind it was likely to be smashed to matchwood on the rocks.’
    • ‘I am interested in them, but they seem kind of spendy.’
    • ‘As the current administration in office is learning, war is a spendy business - feeding and equipping troops, buying armaments and ammunition, transporting materials to and fro - it all costs lots of money.’
    • ‘If you can't afford it (and it's spendy, no doubt) please consider ordering it for your library.’
    • ‘Drinks are very spendy but as long as you are a cute girl you are probably not going to have to worry about your tab.’
    • ‘I would heartily recommend it as at least a rental if you haven't seen it, because its $29.99 retail price makes it a little spendy for a blind purchase.’
    • ‘They're spendy, but everything there is fantastically comfortable, and lasts basically forever.’
    1. 1.1 Spending a great deal of money; extravagant.
      ‘that's not a real spendy crowd—they eat fast food’
      • ‘I have just spent the last half an hour assessing my finances and, whether I am feeling spendy or otherwise, I am on bread and water rations from this point on.’
      • ‘All it took was a year without the Stanley Cup being presented, and the owners got what they wanted, a formal limit imposed on their spendy ways.’
      • ‘It's all a testament to the spendy tastes and fiercely pro-urban character of the people who live in this part of town.’
      • ‘I can just imagine the flip chart presentations now at the spendy branding agency office.’
      • ‘He's spendy; he buys luxury Japanese cars new, financing them such that he soon owes more on the car than it is worth.’