Definition of spellworking in English:



mass noun
  • The casting of magic spells.

    • ‘My own nonchalance about spellworking does not mean I hold those who constantly perform it in any less regard.’
    • ‘My life is not set in such a way as to encourage constant spellworking, but not all Witches' lives are like mine.’
    • ‘Spellworking allows me to construct events, objects, and outcomes that cannot be achieved any other reasonable way.’
    • ‘After this I call the deities I've been praying to and begin the spellworking.’
    • ‘Put everything you will need for your altar and spellworking inside the ritual area.’
    • ‘Every member of our community has the right and responsibility to decide how much spellworking is appropriate to their situation, and to use that amount.’
    sorcery, witchcraft, wizardry, necromancy, enchantment, incantation, the supernatural, occultism, the occult, black magic, the black arts, devilry, divination, malediction, voodoo, hoodoo, sympathetic magic, white magic, witching, witchery
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