Definition of spekboom in English:



  • A South African shrub with succulent leaves, which is used for fodder during times of drought.

    Portulacaria afra, family Portulacaceae

    • ‘The thick succulent stems of spekboom readily sprout when a freshly-cut branch is simply inserted into soil.’
    • ‘However, defoliation during winter has a depressing effect on growth, and so as much resting as possible is advisable in winter, particularly in areas in which spekboom has low vigour.’
    • ‘The spekboom gives good cover to the various browsers on the farm.’
    • ‘Sweet thorn, wild olive, karee species, spekboom, sneezewood, guarri, milky rope, tree fuchsia and many varieties of succulents, vines and creepers are to be found here in abundance.’
    • ‘The more succulent and spiny shrubs such as spekboom and small bitterleaf, which can survive with little moisture and high temperatures, grow inland.’


Mid 19th century: from Afrikaans, from spek ‘bacon’ + boom ‘tree’.