Definition of speedo in English:



  • 1informal

    short for speedometer
    • ‘The arched strip rev counter above the speedo fits in with the design but is hard to read when the sun is directed at the dash.’
    • ‘The pros simply unscrew the instrument panel and set to work on the speedo with a screwdriver.’
    • ‘The large middle dial combines a conventional tacho with a digital speedo enclosed.’
    • ‘But I saw 175 on the speedo, and it was still climbing like a bat out of hell when I ran out of road and had to hit the brakes.’
    • ‘Now I am obsessed with keeping both eyes on the speedo, driving everywhere in third gear.’
    • ‘Citroen have done away with the standard speedo and replaced it instead with a digital speedometer right in front of the driver.’
    • ‘Look closer and you'll notice the port and starboard navigation lights, and the knot meter lined up next to the speedo and rev counter on the dash.’
    • ‘My speedo was off said the calibration experts so although the Magistrate convicted me, I appealed and the Judge and the new prosecutor agreed with me.’
    • ‘A large central speedo with very easy-to-read figures is combined with rev counter and fuel/temp gauges.’
    • ‘The speedo in the middle of the dash and the rev counter in front of the steering wheel may bring flashbacks of times gone by, yet they fulfil their purpose in today's hectic world.’
    • ‘‘Boat speedos are renowned for being inaccurate,’ said Mr Tatlock.’
    • ‘At first this takes a bit of getting used to, having to glance left to keep an eye on the speedo, but soon becomes a natural driving movement.’
    • ‘The speedo is annoyingly marked 20, 40, 60, and 80 rather than highlighting British speed limits of 30, 50 and 70.’
    • ‘The speedo rolled over to 101 just as I got to the village.’
    • ‘Inside there is a massive central rev counter and a speedo on the steering column (Australian regs required the pair reversed).’
    • ‘The speedo says 70 miles an hour, and the miles are ticking over slowly, but it feels like you're getting nowhere.’
    • ‘And without cruise control you are constantly watching the speedo on the open road.’
    • ‘If you have your eyes glued to your speedo, your attention is taken away from other road users around you.’
    • ‘The needle of the speedo crept up to seventy five as he passed the van.’
    • ‘It hasn't even got a speedo, you didn't need one in those days but it is still legal now.’
  • 2trademark Men's brief, tight swimming trunks.

    • ‘However, I also noticed that Speedos and swimming briefs are extremely popular on the beaches of Europe.’
    • ‘I guess I was thinking about your swim meet last night and how that one team all wore Speedos.’
    • ‘He would have joined the swim team, but he didn't think he should join a sport with a bunch of guys in Speedos.’
    • ‘Which are the exercises I should be doing to look good in my Speedos?’
    • ‘Generally, Speedos are more acceptable in Europe since that's what most of the natives wear.’