Definition of speedboat in English:



  • A motorboat designed for high speed.

    • ‘There are about 2,000 animals in the population, but at least 200 die each year, mainly from collisions with speedboats.’
    • ‘You can design your own speedboat or paddle boat and see how fast it can go - or even whether it will stay afloat.’
    • ‘According to industry estimates, only about 400 speedboats priced at $500,000 or above were sold in the U.S. last year.’
    • ‘And it always happens, when the speedboat makes a sharp turn, the banana boat turns over and all the people riding it fall in the water.’
    • ‘The riverfront can be an aquatic center, complete with speedboats for water skiing.’
    • ‘A speedboat was sent to rescue us, but it too got stuck and, as night closed in, we got back into the original canoe and somehow made our way to safety.’
    • ‘It was a 60-foot speedboat, which I proceeded to bring into port head-on, not really knowing much about driving speedboats.’
    • ‘He commands an efficient army and a navy with speedboats that can outrun government warships.’
    • ‘That raid was bungled by the robbers, who just managed to escape by crossing the River Thames on a speedboat.’
    • ‘On this occasion, it was merely a speedboat which had run out of fuel.’
    • ‘The usual over-the-top stunts happen on speedboats around the Florida Keys.’
    • ‘For example, if the insured is using jet skis or speedboats and they cause injury to third parties, most travel policies will not cover claims made against you by the injured person.’
    • ‘In his backyard was a dock that stored his private speedboat and yacht, two items which he treasured.’
    • ‘Today fine clothing, houses, fast speedboats, and four-wheel-drive cars are signals of personal achievement.’
    • ‘Some locals in a speedboat were cruising around the lake with their kids.’
    • ‘Basically, you'll be tugged along by a speedboat while standing atop a small surfboard-like platform, all the while performing aerial tricks and deft-defying maneuvers.’
    • ‘And then I saw what I hadn't noticed before - speedboats were zooming toward our position.’
    • ‘Upstream comes a speedboat, its wake catching the small craft.’
    • ‘The development includes a 120 room hotel, a nine-storey tower of apartments and a harbour for houseboats and speedboats.’
    • ‘One of the speedboats had been apprehended by Japanese military aircraft and suspects were in custody.’