Definition of speedball in English:



  • 1informal A mixture of cocaine with heroin.

    • ‘Drug use frequency is measured as no use, marijuana use (so-called ‘light’ drug), and crack, cocaine, heroin, speedball and/or methamphetamines.’
    • ‘The most common drug of choice was heroin, with a much smaller number reporting cocaine and speedball.’
    • ‘Just yesterday I phoned a new vendor we're dealing with, and was initially pleased to hear he didn't seem to have shot up a speedball before midday for once.’
    • ‘A small number of subjects reported speedball (heroin combined with cocaine) as their primary drug, though there were too few subjects to analyze reliably.’
    • ‘Brown and Weissman found that women injection drug users were more likely than men to report daily injection of heroin and speedball (heroin and cocaine).’
    • ‘For example, a speedball (a mixture of cocaine and heroin) increases the risks from each drug involved, making it far more likely for the user to experience harmful side effects.’
    • ‘First, I was spending time with people shooting speedballs - a mix of cocaine and heroin and they prepared their solution by melting it in spoons over their butane lighters.’
    • ‘More recently Oscar winner and heroin enthusiast Bobby Driscoll was found dead in a New York tenement and River Phoenix collapsed after his last speedball outside a club in Los Angeles.’
    • ‘Individuals who consumed more crack, cocaine, heroin, speedball, and/or methamphetamines were more likely to support the legalization of marijuana, cocaine, and heroin.’
    • ‘For heroin, this included snorting, injecting, smoking, and the use of speedballs (heroin and cocaine combined).’
    • ‘Study participants were asked separate questions about their use of crack cocaine, powder cocaine, heroin, speedball, methadone, other opiates, amphetamine, marijuana, and a catch-all ‘other drugs’ category.’
    • ‘The illegal drugs most commonly used in our sample were cocaine, heroin, and speedball, a mixture of heroin and cocaine.’
    • ‘Crack cocaine and alcohol were the most widely used substances, followed by heroin and speedball (a mix of heroin and cocaine).’
    • ‘Sniffing cocaine was most frequently reported, followed by injecting speedballs, injecting cocaine alone, and sniffing speedballs.’
    • ‘They would have floored a lesser person not fuelled on vengeance, adrenaline and speedballs.’
  • 2A small punchball used by boxers for practising quick punches.

    • ‘We also did some cardiovascular work in the gym primarily with speedballs a boxer might use.’
    • ‘An old Scottish guy, possibly four times my age, keeps an eye on the boys training on speedballs.’
    • ‘Rudolph is all about footwork and movement, a lot of moving around in the circle swiping at the air like a mental patient, a lot of slapping at speedballs and shadowboxing into mirrors.’
    • ‘None of them had ever punched a speedball before, but they've taken to it like ducks to water.’
    • ‘We have a brand new ring, punch bags, speedball - all top-notch equipment.’
  • 3US mass noun A ball game resembling soccer but in which the ball may be handled.