Definition of speed trap in English:

speed trap


  • A radar trap.

    • ‘Putting up speed traps serves very little purpose for, when the flow of traffic suddenly slows down, we all know that we are approaching a speed trap.’
    • ‘Highway speed traps should be intensified to protect innocent lives.’
    • ‘Police had warned drivers that speed traps and other traffic exercises would be mounted over the weekend to curb road deaths.’
    • ‘The hotel and pub owner has been cleared of failing to give information about who was driving one of his vehicles when it went through a speed trap.’
    • ‘He said there would be more speed traps on the highways, along with increased mobile and foot patrols, right up to the Carnival season.’
    • ‘A road safety campaigner has backed controversial plans for a speed trap near where his daughter died in a crash.’
    • ‘The volunteer ‘cops’ in fluorescent jackets will have speed guns identical to those used by the police and will be shown how to set up speed traps.’
    • ‘Given the history of speed traps in Texas, it's a legitimate concern.’
    • ‘Curry is becoming nationally known for being a place for speed traps.’
    • ‘Officers hope the speed traps will act as a deterrent until a new traffic calming scheme is brought into place at the end of the year.’
    • ‘In 1998 the Department of Justice gave the town $72,000 to help enforce the speed trap.’
    • ‘In the ultimate irony, speed traps cannot operate at night, the time at which we have the most accidents and indeed, the highest number of fatalities.’
    • ‘Would you like the latest radar gadgets to warn you that there is a speed trap around the corner?’
    • ‘Both municipalities will use speed traps to catch speeding drivers.’
    • ‘Among the measures to be implemented, they said, were speed traps and highway patrols.’
    • ‘And finally tonight, speed traps can be cash cows for small towns.’
    • ‘In relation to proposals about the privatisation of radar detection and speed traps, Mr. Kelly is also most forthright.’
    • ‘Villagers in Oare, Enford and Wilcot have already been able to watch speed traps in operation.’
    • ‘The largest claims are due to accidents which happen outside Dublin on quiet country roads which are unlikely to have Gardai with speed traps lying in wait.’
    • ‘The party says that the speed traps are merely cash generators, not life-savers, and accuses the government of ‘waging a war on drivers’, the BBC reports.’


speed trap