Definition of speed skating in English:

speed skating


mass noun
  • A form of ice skating in which competitors race against each other, typically around an oval track.

    ‘she's a national hero in the Netherlands, where speed skating is the most highly regarded sport of all’
    • ‘Short track speed skating is a sport that has enjoyed recent notoriety as one of the more exciting and controversial events of the Salt Lake City Winter Olympics.’
    • ‘Quad skates are more maneuverable for roller disco and artistic skating, but in-line skates are more suitable for fitness and speed skating.’
    • ‘Ice hockey, downhill skiing, ski jumping and even the speed skating make for compulsive viewing.’
    • ‘The others include weightlifting, diving and speed skating.’
    • ‘A prospective study would also be useful in assessing the intrinsic and extrinsic risk factors at play in short track speed skating.’
    • ‘It was there that speed skating became a major competitive sport.’
    • ‘There are about 100 kids who do ice-hockey, the same number do ice-dance and about 50 others do speed skating.’
    • ‘Johnothan nodded ‘I was hoping to get some speed skating in this morning if your sister lets me.’’
    • ‘But as interest grows, South Woodham Ferrers could find itself at the heart of British speed skating because of plans to build a state of the art racing track in the town.’
    • ‘Jeremy Witherspoon, a favorite in speed skating in the 500m and 1000m fell in both events, placing 13th.’
    • ‘We have soccer and speed skating and cycling; they are more popular sports than swimming.’
    • ‘Campaigners will be attending the exhibition and stressing the need for a permanent, full-size skating facility, with provision for recreational skating, figure skating, speed skating and ice hockey.’
    • ‘With that, the Knights started speed skating around the rink.’
    • ‘Short track speed skating is the most unpredictable of all the Winter Olympic sports where falls come fast and furious.’
    • ‘I love all the events: luge, speed skating, slalom, even curling!’
    • ‘IceSheffield is the national centre for figure and dance skating and the regional centre for ice hockey and speed skating.’
    • ‘There are two popular versions, speed skating and artistic skating.’
    • ‘Beckie Scott's bronze medal in cross-country skiing and Clara Hughes's bronze medal in long-track speed skating are unbelievable tales in themselves.’
    • ‘But Major Ingram, the oldest contestant in the show at 40, is still in with a chance of being runner-up to him with the weight-lifting and speed skating still to come.’
    • ‘Another source of national pride that sets aside regional and religious differences is sports, especially soccer and speed skating.’