Definition of speechless in English:



  • Unable to speak, especially as the temporary result of shock or strong emotion.

    ‘he was speechless with rage’
    • ‘I was just about speechless with fury, and indignation on Sam's part.’
    • ‘Sabriel found herself completely speechless when Darius gradually raised his head and she saw silent tears streaming down his face.’
    • ‘She clung to every word, speechless, not daring to breathe until it was over.’
    • ‘That wave, that great, magnificent wave, was the grand finale, leaving all the sailors dumb and speechless.’
    • ‘She was speechless, and searched her mind for words.’
    • ‘Her words stung him and left him momentarily speechless.’
    • ‘She turned to look at Milo, trying to find the right words to say, but instead found herself speechless.’
    • ‘Denise was too speechless to even utter a single word.’
    • ‘I blinked, completely blind-sided by his words, and completely speechless.’
    • ‘If someone made me describe this wonderful view, I would be struck speechless with the beauty of it all.’
    • ‘For once in his lifetime, it seemed as if my father, a man who always had to get the last word in, was completely and utterly speechless.’
    • ‘Justin was speechless with surprise, but I think I was more surprised than he.’
    • ‘When Mario hung up the phone as well, he was silent and speechless.’
    • ‘The four friends sat in the room for some time, speechless with grief.’
    • ‘Jerwon and Tania, still a little speechless, paused in silent contemplation before following them.’
    • ‘She stared hard at the blonde, and fumbled for words, but was speechless.’
    • ‘I was struck speechless at these words and I didn't understand at all what she meant.’
    • ‘Abashed, I stared at him speechless, trying to form words.’
    • ‘She nodded, speechless with happiness for the first time in ages.’
    • ‘She could only sit speechless, no words would come to her lips.’
    silent, unspoken, unexpressed, wordless, unsaid, unvoiced
    lost for words, at a loss for words, struck dumb, dumbstruck, bereft of speech, tongue-tied, unable to get a word out, inarticulate
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Old English spǣclēas (see speech, -less).