Definition of speech synthesis in English:

speech synthesis


mass noun
  • The process of generating spoken language by machine on the basis of written input.

    • ‘This version contains a full UK street map, with directions provided visually and through speech synthesis for motorists.’
    • ‘In particular, vowel formants and consonant-dependent formant transitions were recognized as key components to phoneme identity, leading to the initial attempts at computer speech synthesis.’
    • ‘The US Navy has been investing heavily in software that combines voice recognition, speech synthesis and translation algorithms to let combatants talk ‘live’ to the enemy.’
    • ‘Major applications of phonetics have been made in such areas as language teaching, speech therapy, and automatic speech synthesis and recognition.’
    • ‘But I also do work with computer analysis and synthesis of using tools that were developed for speech synthesis to generate animal sounds.’
    • ‘The speech-recognition software allows the user to make verbal requests, and the system uses speech synthesis to tell the user how to get to the correct bus stop or train station and tells him or her which vehicle to board.’
    • ‘Their demos are impressive, but for evaluating speech synthesis, pre-prepared demos are not very meaningful.’
    • ‘The result was a totally new type of speech synthesis that can capture the characteristics of the human voice.’
    • ‘The Edinburgh centre, led by Professor Mark Steedman, is working on speech synthesis, language and intonation.’
    • ‘The visual data will be fused with some of the best speech recognition software, advanced natural language processing, and speech synthesis in the world.’
    • ‘Advancements in speech synthesis have led to the usability of many different operating systems, Linux among them.’


speech synthesis