Definition of speech pathology in English:

speech pathology


  • another term for speech therapy
    • ‘She received a Master's degree in speech pathology and audiology in 1972 from Southern Illinois University at Carbondale.’
    • ‘Related services such as transportation, speech pathology, and occupational therapy are provided, of course, but one social worker is shared by many schools.’
    • ‘Other cuts, he argues, see overworked nurses increasingly responsible for physiotherapy, speech pathology, occupational therapy and social work.’
    • ‘Students who are required to take educational psychology courses represent a variety of majors, including speech pathology and deaf rehabilitation.’
    • ‘He said some people's perceptions of the world of speech pathology were confined to lisps and stutters.’
    • ‘Within the field of linguistics, and in related areas such as speech pathology, the IPA is widely used and has been a great success.’
    • ‘‘You can experience hearing loss and not be fully aware of it,’ says Dr. Ruth A. Bentler, University of Iowa professor of speech pathology and audiology.’
    • ‘This year she will divide her time between speech pathology and early childhood special education for a number of schools in the district.’
    • ‘Col. Ben Sierra, director of audiology and speech pathology, 59th Medical Wing, had to yell or use a notepad to communicate with him.’
    • ‘Then she headed off to the University of North Carolina at Greensboro to pursue an undergraduate degree in speech pathology, and it seemed life was back to normal again.’
    • ‘Megan Miller, a University of Southern Mississippi graduate student in speech pathology, said she is not surprised that her age bracket has the highest rate of infection.’
    • ‘With academic majors ranging from psychology to speech pathology and hometowns as distant as Dallas and New York City, each member brings a unique perspective to the group.’
    • ‘Now if all this is right, and what you've found here is just how humans have evolved to be able to speak the way they do, does it tell you anything about speech pathology, about children who lisp, or anything like that?’
    • ‘Physical therapy, speech pathology, occupational therapy, and a social worker should be involved early in care.’