Definition of speech day in English:

speech day


  • An annual celebration held at some schools, especially public schools, at which speeches are made and prizes are presented.

    • ‘New prefects were appointed at Queen Margaret's School, Escrick, during the annual school speech day.’
    • ‘A hope that Guiseley School would eventually get a sixth form was again expressed by the headmaster at the annual speech day.’
    • ‘At the school's speech day, the headmaster said the fundraising target to pay for the development had almost been reached.’
    • ‘And, to ensure equitable treatment of both pupils and staff, teachers should surely be banned from wearing hoods on their academic gowns on speech day.’
    • ‘South Craven School had a new head teacher, John Vickers, who turned up at the school speech day to run the rule over his new charge.’
    • ‘For many pupils, the school's annual speech day is a chore they would do anything to miss.’
    • ‘But at the school's speech day in December chairman of the governors John Goodfellow called for a new site for the school.’
    • ‘Distinguished old boy EA Carr, the Commissioner of Lagos Colony in Nigeria, returned to Ermysted's Grammar School for the annual speech day.’
    • ‘On one speech day we calculated that a full 25% of the motors had been hired by mums and dads who obviously felt their own wheels were too downmarket.’
    • ‘It was a speech day at Bolton School that set Joyce on her career path.’
    • ‘During speech day at Queen Margaret's School, Escrick, headmaster Geoffrey Chapman spoke about his ‘battle’ with teenage language.’
    • ‘I felt less cool when I turned up on it at my school speech day.’
    • ‘Mrs Logan was the main guest at the school's annual speech day on Monday.’
    • ‘Asked what she was doing at the time, she said that she was at the children's school's speech day.’
    • ‘They had no space big enough to accommodate speech day, he was told.’
    • ‘I'm looking forward to meeting your parents at the speech day next week.’
    • ‘Mrs Markham continued to attend Old Colcestrian's day and speech day at the school after her husband's death in 1993.’
    • ‘As well as helping with presentations and speech days David also took time out to lift the spirits of children who were suffering from severe illnesses.’
    • ‘High-flying students from Year 10 and above were awarded prizes and awards for their effort and achievements at the school's annual speech day yesterday.’
    • ‘Rosie Rushton visited Bronte School's speech day at Cobham Hall, Cobham, on September 19.’


speech day