Definition of spectacled cobra in English:

spectacled cobra


  • An Asian cobra with a marking on the hood that resembles spectacles.

    Naja naja, family Elapidae

    Also called Indian cobra
    • ‘A highlight of the sightseeing was watching the snake man charm and entice two spectacled cobras to dance.’
    • ‘A number of reptiles like Kraits, spectacled cobras, turtles and vipers can also be spotted in the sanctuary.’
    • ‘The other cobra of Asia is known variously as the common, Asian, Indian, or spectacled cobra (due to the eyeglass-shaped pattern on its skin).’
    • ‘In India, we have three species of cobras - the spectacled cobra, the monocled cobra, which is in the North east, and the black cobra, which is way up in the Northwest region.’
    • ‘In India, the spectacled cobra is much respected and feared, even having its own place in Hindu mythology as a powerful deity.’