Definition of spectacled in English:



  • 1Wearing spectacles.

    ‘a flushed and spectacled young woman’
    • ‘Attentive and direct, the spectacled Maharaj was cautious about disclosing details of his exit from Intercommercial which he said happened on amicable terms.’
    • ‘In his memory, his spectacled father was quiet, gentle and loved reading.’
    • ‘‘We are here today to decide,’ the spectacled Livingston began.’
    • ‘She had expected a typical professor image to address the gathering - old, spectacled, and balding but brilliant nevertheless.’
    • ‘Both of us turn our heads at once and see a spectacled Zelda jogging her way towards us.’
    • ‘By her forties she was spectacled, stout and keen on knitting.’
    • ‘‘Hello, Bryn’, Drew said dryly, looking up at the spectacled young man.’
    • ‘I recall the shy smile of the spectacled granny riding in a wheelbarrow pulled by her son.’
    • ‘Staffers lunching in the building's canteen nod respectfully at this gangling, spectacled intruder.’
    • ‘It was well after sunrise and Madame Comer was yet to show her spectacled face at Versailles.’
    • ‘The woman looked deeply at the eyes of the spectacled girl.’
    • ‘A story circulated quite recently that a leading British professional, who will remain nameless to preserve his reputation, once suffered the indignity of a humiliating beating while at school - against the spectacled class boffin.’
    • ‘Now he was a greying elder, spectacled in thick bifocals, wrinkled in his once handsome features, and knotted and veined in limbs.’
    • ‘To my horror, I had seen that same squirrelly, spectacled face before, only this time it had a horrible look to it.’
    • ‘Cut to a younger, spottier and more heavily spectacled Jim sitting in a chair.’
    • ‘The woman glanced into the rear-view mirror and adjusted it, catching sight of her spectacled brown eyes encased within its oblong frame.’
    • ‘Shortly after the beginning of the Spanish Civil War, a gentle, spectacled professor of ethics embraced a fellow humanist in Paris.’
    • ‘He definitely wasn't planning on having tea with the spectacled freak, but he sure as hell was going to check everywhere for Drew.’
    • ‘The coroner, a thin, elderly, spectacled man, dressed entirely in black, peered disapprovingly at the crowd and wearily sighed as he took his place at the table.’
    • ‘However, the clean-shaven, well-dressed, spectacled man has an authoritative air which commanded respect.’
    1. 1.1 Used in names of animals with markings on the face or elsewhere that resemble spectacles.
      • ‘Only the spectacled and panda bears are vegetarians.’
      • ‘Teams searched large areas on foot, recording and mapping all occurrences of Steller's or spectacled eiders, as well as predators such as gulls, jaegers, and foxes.’
      • ‘A spectacled warbler from southern Europe was seen at Filey and a taiga flycatcher from Siberia was spotted at Flamborough Head.’
      • ‘Cobras include the South Indian variety - the spectacled and the monocle variety that are both brown in colour.’
      • ‘In February 2001, critical habitat in western coastal Alaska was designated in four areas for the threatened spectacled eider and in five areas for the Steller's eider.’