Definition of speckly in English:



  • Covered or marked with small spots or patches of colour.

    ‘the eggs are large and brown and speckly’
    • ‘The clouds hung unevenly over the climbing mountains, so that far snow-bestrewn headlands looked like the speckly backs of monsters stalking up into the sky.’
    • ‘They're not dissimilar to hen eggs, but about 20% bigger and more speckly.’
    • ‘He pronounces the batter good because it produces speckly pancakes.’
    • ‘They scuttled for days and days till they came to a great forest, exclusively full of trees and bushes and stripy, speckly, patchy shadows.’
    • ‘A day later, the moulds were emptied, and out came a hundred brand new shiny speckly blue and green giant marbles.’
    flecked, specked, freckled, freckly, spotted, spotty, dotted, stippled, sprinkled, mottled, dappled, blotchy, brindled
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