Definition of speckled wood in English:

speckled wood


  • A brown Eurasian butterfly with cream or orange markings, favouring light woodland habitats.

    Pararge aegeria, subfamily Satyrinae, family Nymphalidae

    • ‘Unlike any other British butterfly, speckled woods are able to hibernate as either a caterpillar or chrysalis.’
    • ‘The area is also home to an array of butterflies such as the peacock and speckled wood and a number of species of dragonflies.’
    • ‘There's hundreds of speckled woods all over the place particularly Hills and Holes, Barnack and many other sites.’
    • ‘On bright sunny days, speckled woods are often to be seen flitting around in forest clearings, where their speckled appearance blends in with the dappled patterns of light and shade.’
    • ‘Other records for himself and others report a steady supply of speckled woods seen all over Northern Ireland, and also south of the border.’