Definition of specimen plant in English:

specimen plant

(also specimen tree)


  • An unusual or impressive plant or tree grown as a focus of interest in a garden.

    • ‘Some of the trees are over 450 years old, and there is a garden of American specimen trees near the main lake.’
    • ‘Ideal as a small specimen tree, the red berried Rowans are common.’
    • ‘The new shrub thrives under full sun and can be used as a background planting in a shrub border or as a specimen plant or hedge.’
    • ‘The dramatic change in consumer purchases at garden centres has seen demand spiral for large specimen plants and particularly evergreen herbaceous plants.’
    • ‘At the centre of the site is a large greenhouse filled with hundreds of specimen plants destined for customers' premises.’
    • ‘There are four lakes on the grounds and 600 acres of woodland dotted with native species and specimen trees from abroad.’
    • ‘We're going to plant a single specimen plant in each pot.’
    • ‘The specimen plants are magnificent, the garden arrangements are imaginative and the scale is breathtaking.’
    • ‘If you don't intend to use a traditional Christmas tree, decorate large specimen plants with twinkly lights and colourful baubles instead.’
    • ‘Many fine specimen trees were imported from all over the world in Victorian times, and there are indigenous flora and a number of ancient oaks.’
    • ‘It is often used as an informal hedge but is equally attractive as a specimen plant.’
    • ‘Mature gardens with manicured lawns and a selection of specimen trees and shrubs circle the house while there are also storage facilities and a shed.’
    • ‘It will even make a pretty specimen tree for a tiny garden.’
    • ‘Tom nestles many of his specimen plants into containers.’
    • ‘Small specimen trees are sometimes used as ornamentals at weddings.’
    • ‘Dotted throughout the two acres-plus of terraced gardens is a wide variety of specimen trees.’
    • ‘They make an elegant border for a woodland area, or a good specimen plant.’
    • ‘They also make good individual specimen trees in a spacious yard.’
    • ‘Steps lead down to a manicured lawn bordered by mature shrubs and specimen trees.’
    • ‘It was a fine specimen tree.’


specimen plant