Definition of species barrier in English:

species barrier


  • The natural mechanisms that prevent a virus or disease from spreading from one species to another.

    • ‘Indeed, GM DNA is often designed to cross species barriers.’
    • ‘Breeders may then attempt wider interspecies hybridizations or may use GM techniques to transfer genes across species barriers.’
    • ‘Such alterations make it possible for pig diseases to cross the species barrier, thereby creating epidemics of illnesses.’
    • ‘Most scientists determined the practice would be safe; that BSE would not cross the species barrier.’
    • ‘That means there may be the risk of a new infection jumping the species barrier.’
    • ‘All animals harbor viruses, and there is no better way to jump the species barrier than to implant animal organs into humans.’
    • ‘We do not want the risk of a new infection jumping the species barrier.’
    • ‘If avian flu manages to jump the species barrier completely then it's going to spread extremely rapidly.’
    • ‘I try to apply the golden rule beyond the species barrier.’
    • ‘Most of the new diseases are believed to have jumped the " species barrier ".’
    • ‘Scientists believe the highly contagious respiratory virus crossed the species barrier from horses to dogs.’
    • ‘The notion of an animal virus ' jumping ' the species barrier has been previously discussed in creationist circles.’
    • ‘However the species barrier prevents the creation of species that are too dissimilar.’
    • ‘Whole herds were slaughtered and scientists were beginning to doubt that BSE could not cross the species barrier.’
    • ‘Chow said he was more worried about avian flu and new viruses that were crossing species barriers.’
    • ‘If it did jump the species barrier to humans and couldn't be controlled, avian flu could bring the first pandemic since 1918.’
    • ‘The species barrier is an arbitrary product of evolution, not a moral criterion.’
    • ‘H5N1 first jumped the species barrier in Hong Kong in 1997, killing six of 18 people infected.’
    • ‘Even with Mad Cow Disease there is clearly a high species barrier that makes transmission to humans very difficult.’
    • ‘Yet another species barrier has been broken.’


species barrier