Definition of specialize in English:


(British specialise)


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  • 1Concentrate on and become expert in a particular subject or skill.

    ‘he could specialize in tropical medicine’
    • ‘The other team members have a number of skills they specialize in.’
    • ‘You can't specialize in formal wear.’
    • ‘The band specialize in the re-invigorated, lush end of the down-tempo spectrum.’
    • ‘You can specialize in computer skills.’
    • ‘We learned from the Internet that you specialize in mirrors.’
    • ‘I'm not planning to specialize in that area of work.’
    • ‘There are many restaurants that specialize in various dog meat dishes around the country.’
    • ‘Students who chose to specialize in this subject after their preliminary course were not obliged to acquire any craft skill.’
    • ‘Are there academic programs that specialize in typeface design.’
    • ‘Etty was the only English painter to specialize in nude subjects.’
    • ‘They specialize in quality Canadian brands.’
    • ‘The privileged country should have its workers specialize in their comparative advantage.’
    • ‘They specialize in templates that have the least amount of images possible.’
    • ‘Sport psychologists specialize in the use of mental skills.’
    • ‘There are hospitals that specialize in just treating Alzheimer's patients.’
    • ‘The more you spread out your skills the more difficult it will be to specialize in any one thing.’
    • ‘Men frequently specialize in agriculture-related subjects.’
    • ‘We specialize in marine and coastal subjects because that's what we know and love.’
    • ‘These are people who specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of all forms of arthritis.’
    • ‘They specialize in unique events that incorporate installation performance.’
    1. 1.1 Confine oneself to providing a particular product or service.
      ‘the firm specialized in commercial brochures’
      • ‘We specialise in voice recognition services.’
      • ‘I set up a small company eighteen months ago, specialising in auto-care products.’
      • ‘The company specializes in making, servicing, and repairing industrial magnets and electric motors of all sizes.’
      • ‘There is an online service that specialized in printing and designing birth announcements.’
      • ‘We are a fully mobile custom embroidery service, specializing in wildlife and sporting themes.’
      • ‘We are an on-line store offering home decorating products, specializing in ceilings’
      • ‘It was an old established facility that specialized in caring for Servicemen.’
      • ‘Nathan worked as a producer for a production company that specialized in commercials.’
      • ‘They hired a New Hampshire call center, which specialized in books, to handle customer service.’
      • ‘Theyspecialize in very low-priced products.’
      • ‘It is a secure online shop specializing in stone products.’
      • ‘It is expected that after an investment boost it will become specialized in TV production.’
    2. 1.2 Make a habit of engaging in a particular activity.
      ‘a group of writers have specialized in attacking the society they live in’
    3. 1.3Biology with object Adapt or set apart (an organ or part) to serve a special function or to suit a particular way of life.
      ‘zooids specialized for different functions’
      • ‘Fender's blue larvae have specialized glands that produce secretions rich in carbohydrates and amino acids that ants use as food.’
      • ‘Both people and papayas have specialized chromosomes that carry genes that determine the gender of their offspring.’
      specialist, specialized, scientific
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Early 17th century: from French spécialiser, from spécial ‘special’.