Definition of speciality in English:


(North American specialty)

nounPlural specialities

  • 1A pursuit, area of study, or skill to which someone has devoted much time and effort and in which they are expert.

    ‘his speciality was watercolours’
    • ‘Keeping people at arm's length was my speciality.’
    • ‘Desultory talk is a speciality of mine’
    • ‘Cleaning and tidying was not her speciality.’
    • ‘One speciality of Nurnberg craftsmen was metalworking.’
    • ‘The management of pain is the speciality of Dr Andrew Lawson.’
    • ‘A speciality of Ma Li is the so-called woodblock reduction technique that he and other artists developed in Yunnan.’
    • ‘He has won medals in both the 100m and 200m, but his speciality is the 200m.’
    • ‘New workers were and still are assigned randomly to different specialities.’
    • ‘Its speciality is coffee mugs with the stamp ‘Bone Tibet’.’
    • ‘Such thinkers rarely wish to venture outside their speciality, and rarely wish to comment on large-scale issues.’
    • ‘‘Ice wine’ is a speciality of these parts.’
    • ‘The third speciality of the artist were landscapes prints.’
    forte, strong point, strength, métier, long suit, strong suit, talent, skill, bent, gift, claim to fame, department, pièce de résistance
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    1. 1.1 A product, especially a type of food, which a person or region is famous for making well.
      ‘a restaurant serving freshly made local specialities’
      • ‘Whole roast pig is a speciality of the region.’
      • ‘Guests are always keen to try local specialities, so there is some pressure to offer local dishes too.’
      • ‘Cheese steak is the Philadelphia speciality.’
      • ‘Local specialities include pasta stuffed with rice and spinach.’
      • ‘This local speciality was prepared for us, by a Seychellois friend of our host.’
      • ‘Throughout their huge selection, authenticity and simplicity govern to produce delicious Thai and Laotian specialities.’
      • ‘The most common grape varieties are local specialities.’
      • ‘One of the company's key concerns is the promotion of regional specialities that are in danger of extinction.’
      • ‘In several countries, nuns are recognized as making excellent pastries; many convents produce sought-after specialities.’
      • ‘Nanjing even has a speciality vegetarian restaurant.’
    2. 1.2as modifier Meeting particular tastes or needs.
      ‘speciality potatoes for salads’
      • ‘The waterside area is now home to numerous restaurants, boutiques and speciality shops.’
      • ‘For dining and entertainment, the property will offer five options including a casual and a speciality restaurant, a lobby lounge and three bars.’
      • ‘With charges for speciality services steadily rising, healthcare moves out of the reach of the common man.’
      • ‘There were more than a handful of sports speciality channels.’
      • ‘The other industries with good growth rates are speciality chemicals with 42% and even computer hardware at 37%.’
      • ‘A short stroll along memory lane reveals an interesting range of speciality shops including antiques, art and craft, gift shops and galleries.’
      • ‘A speciality machine shop can turn the inside of a titanium ring to make it bigger but cost wise it might be cheaper to buy a new one.’
      • ‘I appreciated the juicy, freshly cut limes, attentive service and some of the speciality items on the menu.’
      • ‘You can buy small bottles of aromatic oils from speciality shops.’
      • ‘The hospital, which opened its doors in 1995, runs a number of speciality clinics.’
      • ‘The shop employs a staff of 3 people, and according to Mrs Thiemann, is the only such speciality shop in the country.’
      • ‘I handed each of them a glass of apple juice and a bowl of my speciality trail mix.’
      • ‘Ryan sources most of the stock, travelling to food fairs and meeting speciality food companies.’
      • ‘It is the largest British speciality card retailer.’
      • ‘Designer clothing would be an example of a speciality good.’
      • ‘They now hope to branch out into salons and speciality stores.’
      • ‘Speciality herbs and ingredients for Thai cuisine is grown in the hotel gardens.’
      • ‘A shopping centre is to be built on the main street, and this will also incorporate restaurants and speciality shops.’
      • ‘Amenities in Delgany village include schools and speciality shops.’
      • ‘West End theatres used to run revues or present speciality acts like an American singer surrounded by dancers and back-up acts.’
  • 2A branch of medicine or surgery.

    • ‘My specialty is immunology, and I was involved in some of the early descriptions of AIDS.’
    • ‘His specialty is oncology - working with children with cancer.’
    • ‘Orthodontics, the oldest speciality in dentistry, enhances the appearance and health of one's teeth.’
    area of specialization, specialty, field of study, area, branch of knowledge, medical field, surgical field
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Late Middle English (denoting the quality of being special or distinctive): from Old French especialite or late Latin specialitas, from Latin specialis (see special).